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This Hotel Is Officially Haunted. No Guest Has Ever Denied Paranormal Activities Here


This Hotel Is Officially Haunted. No Guest Has Ever Denied Paranormal Activities Here

There are many people who don’t believe in ghost theories but those who have practical experiences can’t deny it. There are many places on our planet that are considered to be haunted by the dead people or ghosts. If you want to experience anyone among them then Shanley Hotel, New York can be one of the best choices.

The 2 star hotel is haunted for sure and if we go by the experiences and reviews of people. It is in fact so haunted that guests have to sign a waiver before booking.

The paranormal activities are very frequent in this hotel and no one ever has denied it after visiting. The reason of paranormal activities are said to be related to it’s history.

1. The property was bought by James and Beatrice Shanley in 1906.

2. The location was probably cursed as they lost their three children named Kathleen, James and William lost their life in the home before their 1st birthday.

3. Further, in 1911 a hotel employee’s daughter named Rosie also lost her life as she fell into a nearby well.

4. In 1918 Beatrice Shanley’s sister also couldn’t survive. She lost her life in the hotel from the flu.

5. In the 1920’s a bordello was built in the hotel where liquor was sold during Prohibition.

6. Then in 1979 William Blackmur passed away while in residence at the hotel.

7. You will be surprised to know that the hotel has passed through approx 20 owners.

Now that you have got the history, you must know the description of scripts that reside at the hotel.

A ghost cat (Yes, really!).

A mourning woman who is perhaps Beatrice Shanley always crying for her three children.

James Shanley’s spirit who wanders the hallways, whistles and smells of tobacco.

A victorian woman.

“Emma” the spirit of a former cook. (She has been felt along with the smell of food when actually there was no food being prepared at the hotel)

Children: likely Kathleen, James, and William Shanley along with an older (around 5-years-old) boy.

Experiences of Guests

The guests have experienced a number of paranormal activities in the hotel like chairs rocking on their own, mysterious clock chimes, cold and hot spots, whistling, footsteps, piano music, voices, the laughing of children, the aromas of cooking when no food is being prepared.

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