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This Is By Far The Best Latest Troll Available On Google


This Is By Far The Best Latest Troll Available On Google

Donald trump is not a new name for almost anyone who catch news once in a while and if you know his name you also might know he is one of the presidential candidate for USA. He is without any doubt most mocked candidate till date in the history. But the biggest troll smashed at him is getting viral on the internet.

We are in no mood to keep you away from this troll hence here it is, “Just google” and BAMM! you are done. redirects you to the Donald Trump’s Wikipedia page which is a definite blow to Donald Trump who during a campaign called common people losers.

Well, just to inform you, Trump is not the first person who has been the victim of this troll. In fact famous singer Kanye West (husband of Kim Kardashian) was last year named as Loser by the same URL where the same thing would happen redirecting users to Kanye West’s Wikipedia page.

But now someone else (name not known) played the troll on Trump by buying the url and redirecting it to his Wikipedia Page. Nevertheless, Trump has a long history with Trolls and Memes so I guess he wouldn’t mind this troll too.

So now just google or type on your browser’s address bar and see the magic and YEAH! don’t forget to come back and express your thoughts here in the comments section below.

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