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This Is How An IITian’s Homescreen Looks Like


This Is How An IITian’s Homescreen Looks Like

We all always wants to know how does an IITian do in their daily routine, what is their study pattern and how much hours they study.

But have you ever thought how their computer’s home screen looks like?

Have a look at these some of the best home screens that you will ever see in their computer.

1. Pad Le!!!



2.Yes, Yes!! I will follow whatever you say… 



3. That’s the food menu at your homescreen..3


4. F**K Yeah..4

5. Pain is Temporary, GPA is forever..5


6. Aim Higher..6


7. Perfectly balanced..7


8. Keep your priorities straight. 😛8


9. Yes ma’am…9


10.  Messy, Messy and Mess



11. This guy is damn creative..11


12. Deadlines… Deadlines… Deadlines12


13. Pain Is Temporary.. CGPA Is Forever…13


14. And some rare species inside IIT



15. No P**N for next 1 hour…



16. Multitasking at its best…16


17. Why So Serious???17


18. For all those who haven’t memorized the Periodic Table well..18


19. A fan of GOD..19


20. This guy deserves a medal..20


21. WTF is this??21

22. Most of them will have something like this…22

23. A clean desktop.. rare to find..23

24. Awwwww….

25. The whole chapter in front of your eyes…25


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