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This is The Reason I Hate Angrezi! #Complicated Stuff


This is The Reason I Hate Angrezi! #Complicated Stuff

This article is personally dedicated to all those Grammar Nazi who think they have come all the way from UK or US and are the descendant of the British Empire. Huh! When in India, please be like an Indian. The pleasure and relief one derives after speaking in their mother language is profane, and just beyond comparison. C’mon all the Angrezi speaking Janta, try it once. And no offence to English but it is a complicated lingo and leaves you in a false position, same thing means different in different situations.

GAWD! I am going “Moongphali”. Enough. Now check these posters by Oye Teri then only you will understand the pain in the ass!

1. Like seriously! “TATTI”


2.You are in trouble if you say it to an Indian girl or boy as well!


3. From the balcony


4. Kutti-Pie too


5. Up/ Down – And, I though they are just directions – Not Emotions


6. Kidding! Alternatives – Chidling,Adulting etc.


7. Baby – This is why I hate English


8.No, I have moderate body temperature


9. Sweet heart – Salty Lungs too can be used


10. Month seems better


11. This the BEST


Rolling on the floor laughing – Zameen me ludhak rahe ho haste hue! 😀 😀

So, what do you think pals? Are we not Right? Never mind. We know we make sense.

Just drop in some translations you find funny in the comment box below!

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