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This Is Why Jains Don’t Eat Onion And Garlic. The Reason Will Make You Respect Them


This Is Why Jains Don’t Eat Onion And Garlic. The Reason Will Make You Respect Them

The beauty of India lies in its multicultural people. There are people from every culture and religion living here and everyone is provided with equal freedom.

Everyone can eat, pray, celebrate as per their choice. If we talk about food choices, we have hardcore non-vegetarians, pure vegetarians and vegans all living together in our country.

Among the pure-vegetarians, there’s a special category known as Jains. It’s known to everyone that Jains don’t even eat vegetables that grow underground for example onion and garlic.

But have you ever thought, why is it so?

Jainism is an extremely non-violent religion. Let alone, killing an organism or animal, they take extra measures to avoid it.

Vegetables like Onions and Garlic come under the ‘tamasic’ category which means they have the quality of darkness. This kind of vegetables grow underground and are home to many unseen organisms who live under the soil. To avoid any kind of harm to these organisms, Jains don’t eat onions and garlic.

Some Jain families even avoid multi seed fruits and vegetables like guava and brinjal as they supposedly have worms inside. There are a few people who avoid even cauliflower or clean it with extreme care before use. It is said that very tiny flying insects that grow in and around the farms, get stuck on to their velvety surfaces, and can not be fully removed in spite of careful washing.

We hope it improved your knowledge base.

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