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This Lady Is Giving Tips On “How to Attract Indian Girls” & She Is Spot On


This Lady Is Giving Tips On “How to Attract Indian Girls” & She Is Spot On

How often do we get rejected by girls? Often. How often do you see an average looking guy with a girl out of his league? Quite often. That is probably coz those guys know something that we poor chaps don’t know. The other day a cutie asked for my phone number and all I could think of was,’God! When will the lightning strike on me and end me?’. The lightning never struck but the girl walked away without my number coz my lips would not move.

If what I described above is you then don’t fret. Anisha aka the Rickshawali will tell you things that you need to do to be on the good side of the INDIAN girls. She has done another video which you guys should check, where she explains the ‘DON’TS’ and in this video she explains the ‘DO’S’. Basically what we are posting is Part 2 of the video. Check out her channel to find the 1st part. What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to hang out with that cutie? Don’t lie. You do. Check out the video here:-

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