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This Man Files An RTI To Know About AAP’s Extravagant Ads. Response He Got Is Shocking To The Core


This Man Files An RTI To Know About AAP’s Extravagant Ads. Response He Got Is Shocking To The Core

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has always portrayed itself as a party with complete transparency and accountability and they have always said that everyone in AAP is honest and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is the most honest person of Indian Politics.

However, they were criticized a lot for misusing the public money when they launched a publicity campaign in order to showcase their achievements of one year in office. They advertised not only in Delhi but also in those states where they are planning to fight the elections in order to increase their chances of winning.

But when an RTI was filed to know the details of AAP’s advertisements, the response that the Delhi government gave was shocking.


This RTI was filed by a person named Shailendra Pratap Singh and this is what he wanted to know:

  1. a) How many mediums were used to spread AAP government’s work in Delhi?
  2. b) Please provide name of agencies/companies in the below category

1) Paper – Please list all newspaper names

2) TV

3) Radio/FM

4) Mention other modes here if any

  1. c) In How many states did the Delhi govt gave their achievement ads after the completion of 1 year? Please provide a list.
  2. d) The total amount spent by Delhi government on these ads.
  3. e) For how many consecutive days the ads were given to above mentioned mediums
  4. f) Did Delhi government gave contract to any agency to carry out these advertisements, please provide the name & details of the agency name.’

The reply that the Delhi government gave was ‘The required information was not available.’



Now, this is not something which was expected from the so called most honest political party and the most honest Chief Minister.


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