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This Rickshaw Puller Carries His New-Born Baby While Going For Work

This Rickshaw Puller Carries His New-Born Baby While Going For Work RVCJ Media


This Rickshaw Puller Carries His New-Born Baby While Going For Work

Situations compel people to do even those tasks which they never want to do or aren’t comfortable with. This rickshaw puller also went through such a problem when he did not have any option other than to take his new-born baby while going for work and also at the time of pulling rickshaw. He is forced for this, as there’s nobody who can take care of the infant in his absence since his wife died soon after delivery. This girl child will surely be proud of her father while saying, “My Father Is A Hero”.

Bablu Jatav carries Damini, the baby girl, in a cloth hanged around neck. The 34 year old rickshaw puller is compelled for the same because he doesn’t have any kith and kin in Bharatpur who can look after the baby.

What’s more, the baby girl fell severely sick earlier this week; “Since then there has been no-one to look after my daughter, I keep her with me even when I pull my rickshaw,” as said by Jatav.

He added, “We had this baby after 15 years of our marriage, my wife was so happy when we were blessed with a daughter, but it is very sad she passed away.”

The rickshaw puller is overwhelmed seeing so many people are offering aid and assistance after his story came into sight. In fact, Indian officials are coming forward offering him a helping hand subsequent to listening to his difficulty.

As per reports, some non-profit Rajasthan organizations gave him offers to look after the baby girl for a minimum of 2 years plus offering the rickshaw puller a job. But Jatav wished for raising Damini himself; hence, he denied accepting the help.

In his words, “I need nothing for me, but all for my daughter. I am illiterate but I want to send her to a good school. I also want to give message to people who abandon girl child that girls are not a burden but a blessing of God.”



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