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This Twitter Thread Depicting 12 Types Of Relatives At Any Function Is Damn Relatable & Amusing


This Twitter Thread Depicting 12 Types Of Relatives At Any Function Is Damn Relatable & Amusing

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes in our lives and it has also changed the manner in which the wedding ceremonies or other such functions in which public gathering is possible takes place. Though the authorities have imposed some restrictions such as wearing masks is compulsory and there is also a limit on the number of guests who can be invited, still marriages are taking place.

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While marriage is one of the most memorable events of one’s life, it also brings all the relatives together and it won’t be wrong to say that every relative is a unique character. Every relative has his own characteristics, meeting some makes you happy or excited while few others can make you angry too.

There will be times when you will be enlightened by knowledge of a relative who thinks that he knows everything, you may also meet someone who will always be interested in your future plans and what you are doing as of now. There are also relatives who are only interested in food and then come those who are always trying hard to find reasons to complain.

A Twitter user has created a thread in which 12 types of relatives are described and the user is so apt in the depiction that you’d surely feel relatable.

Enjoy the thread:

Khaane me wo baat nahi hai..

Aao gyaan le lo

Bhagwaan ka diya hua sab kuch hai..

Always looking for someone to arrange stuffs for him…. Beta suno na..

Ghar par kya laddu bat rahe hain?

That irritating group

Sharma ji ke ladke ko dekho

Tumhari shaadi ki umar ho gayi hai.. Koi BF/GF hai kya?

Bas aapki advice ke liye hi ruke the..

My phone is my phone, none of your phone

Kud-kud uncle/aunty

Criticism to logon ka favourite kaam hai

Pretty relatable and amusing, isn’t it?

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