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This Unapologetic Women’s Day Poetry Perfectly Sums Up What Women Want From Society


This Unapologetic Women’s Day Poetry Perfectly Sums Up What Women Want From Society

Everything around us is progressing day by day but there are still things that seem very difficult to be changed. Since there isn’t much that we can do about these judgments, there are a few who decide to live life without any regrets! The Boss Girls!

Today is International Women’s Day which celebrates the never give up attitude of the women community. In some countries, this day is for protesting as women raise their voices for their rights whereas in several other nations, womanhood is celebrated on this day.

There is no doubt that mostly the society has been non-supportive towards the women as they have always been considered inferior to men and suitable for only household chores. However, the good thing is that a considerable change has come in the mentality and attitude of people and now not only the young girls but the adult women are also breaking the stereotypes. The society judges a female on every step she takes whether it is related to her driving skills or her age, the strap of her innerwear or the changes that come in her body which she experiences as she ages.

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, Kara Studios and The Short Cuts have come up with a brilliant video entitled “Before You Judge Me” featuring Vanika Sangtani who talks about how a girl or a woman is judged by the society but it is the comments, presumptions, etc. of people which make women more determined to prove the society wrong. She takes us on a long ride of what it takes to break common stereotypes. This young girl writes and shares an unapologetic poem about her choices and decisions often challenged by everyone around her.

Vanika Sangtani needs to be appreciated for the beautiful manner in which she has put across the challenges faced by a girl and what she does in order to overcome those challenges to prove that whether she gets supported by the society or not, she will always emerge as a winner.

Here you can watch the lovely video of Vanika asking the society to at least know her better before judging her:

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Happy Women’s Day to every gorgeous, courageous and strong woman of the world! We hope that the crimes against women will also reduce as we celebrate the spirit of the womanhood.

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