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This Version Of Deepika’s #MyChoice By An Engineer Is Going Viral & Will Blow Your Mind!


This Version Of Deepika’s #MyChoice By An Engineer Is Going Viral & Will Blow Your Mind!

No doubt, there has been ample controversy with regard to Deepika Padukone’s short film #MyChoice that broke the Internet and went viral since it came. At the same time, it’s worth mentioning that the video has drawn the attention of admirers as well as critics to make a comment on it. This would also not be wrong to say that My Choice has faced more criticism than appreciation but response it got is commendable and incredible. There has been many spoofs, reviews and other versions too in its reply but this parody written by Prateek Acharya who is a software engineer can be said to be ‘Sabka BAAP’.

Read this awesome parody which would surely make you roll on the floor laughing-

My career, my job, my choice.

To attend the trainings I want, even as my attention roams naked.

With 4.9 as rating or 1.1, they don’t have a grading scale for me, & never will.


To use politics to trap my skills, is to believe you can trap a junior for free labor. Or may be highlighted as star performer.

Your mind is cage, let it be…my salary is not. Let it be free.


My choice, consulting or partying.

To deliver on time or to make out of  scope.

To get frustrated or make clients frustrated.


My choice, to upgrade my development skills or testing skills or no skills.

To go for MBA in India, outside India or not to go for higher studies.


Allocation on a project swon/won, getting appreciation from client, adding value to the organization. They can be replaced. My dedication to the work can’t. So treasure that.


My choice, to work at flexible timings and get the work done.

Don’t be arrogant if I go home at 7 o’ clock. Don’t be shocked if I come to office at 9am.


My choice to have a girl friend or not,

To pick any1 from 7 billion choices.


So don’t underestimate.


My competency, your discrepancy.

My heartbeat, your curve fit.

Your profit, my band.


My choices are like Tcodes, they make me unique.

I’m a Trojan horse that cannot be caught.

I’m the deliverable, not fake certified.


I choose to sympathize, or to be indifferent.

Yet I choose, not to be different.

I am the Software Engineer – infinite in every direction!


By Prateek Acharya

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