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This Video Perfectly Shows How Girls Misuse Their Gender Against Boys


This Video Perfectly Shows How Girls Misuse Their Gender Against Boys

Jasleen Kaur case is still hot and has taken the form of national news. The case started from girl’s posting an image of the guy on Facebook grown so big that it captured the attention and interest of every Indian. As the matter revealed more and more, we came to know that it was not the guy who is solely blameworthy and there might have been the fault of Jasleen too in what all happened.

In this article, we present you an awesome video by Funk You which is a social experiment and brilliantly depicts how some girls misuse or take wrong advantage of their gender. Although this video has got nothing to do with Jasleen case, it shows our gender-biased society.

Here we are not at all intended to say that all the girls are wrong but what we want to show is that men are not always wrong and people must consider and listen to both the sides before reaching a judgment and conclusion.

Our main purpose through this video is to promote GENDER EQUALITY and “A Society Free Of Gender Inequality” where Girls And Boys Are Equal!!

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