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This Woman Googles Ways To Die For 48 Hours Before Committing Suicide

This Woman Googles Ways To Die For 48 Hours Before Committing Suicide RVCJ Media


This Woman Googles Ways To Die For 48 Hours Before Committing Suicide

Nowadays, it is possible to find answer to each and every question, if everything fails; there is Google to find answer. Isha Handa (26) also used Google to do her research but her topic for research was “Suicide”.

On Sunday evening, Isha committed suicide by jumping from the 13th floor of Shobha Classic building. Before that she researched a lot on Google through her smartphone about how to commit suicide, the best ways to commit suicide, not only this she also searched for the best and taller buildings for committing suicide.

Isha was a fashion designer and wellness consultant. Investigation into the matter revealed that Isha was planning for committing suicide since 48 hours, earlier Police was taking the case as conspiracy but now they are considering it as suicide.

The motive of committing suicide is not clear yet; the findings made by the Forensic Experts are quite shocking. Isha’s smartphone was recovered from the location and it reveals that Isha visited 89 websites to study the best and most effective methods of committing suicide.

On August 29, 2015, Saturday, Isha used her smartphone to visit search engine Google and searched “How to commit suicide?” and after that Isha studied in detail all the methods of committing suicide such as jumping in front of a running train, consuming poison, overdosing sleeping pills, hanging, stopping breath to give up life and jumping from a building etc.


Not only had she studied the methods of committing suicide but also the possibilities of surviving in each and every method. After studying the advantages and disadvantages of each method she found the method of jumping from the building, the best one and she decided to commit suicide by this way.

Once she chose the method, she started searching what type of building should be chosen, how many floors it should have. After a good research she decided that building should have at least 10 floors minimum and then she started searching for this type of building in the city. She also researched how to jump from the building, whether straight or head should face the ground while jumping.


The detailed investigations revealed that she took a taxi and travelled around Sarjapur road and Haralur road and searched for tall buildings. Her taxi bills indicate that before finalizing the Shobha Classic building, she looked into two other apartments also but she chose Shobha Classic as it is a new one and the security is not as tight as in other apartments.

On Sunday, around 4 PM she told her two flatmates Poonam and Stuthi that she is going out for a personal work and will be late. It is said that she reached Shobha Classic building by 5 PM and for the next three and an half hours she walked around the building and tried to find the way to the terrace.  When she found the way to terrace, she decided to wait till it gets dark and then at around 8:30 PM she jumped from the terrace.


A senior officer who is investigating the case told, “Having found almost 250 grams of marijuana and some white pills in her bag, we have not ruled out the possibility of her having consumed drugs before committing suicide. It is not easy for someone in a normal state of mind to just jump off a building and end their lives; we suspect her state of mind was altered by drugs.”

A rope was also found in her bag, Isha’s body was into pieces as she crashed on the ground, the doctors, who conducted autopsy, had a tough time collecting pieces. The reason for suicide is unknown but she had a boyfriend and two friends with whom she was in touch constantly.

Police said, “The suicide was purely due to a personal reason, and her family had also been asking her to marry. We are speaking to all her friends and family members and are confident of finding out why she took the extreme step.”

She was very active in Theatre and also founded StayClad with her friends, in which women are provided Salon services at their home.

She is said to be very active on social media sites such as Facebook and had a lot of friends.


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