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Top 10 Bollywood Dialogues That We Use In Daily College Life..!!


Top 10 Bollywood Dialogues That We Use In Daily College Life..!!

Living a college life is awesome, everything we do in our college becomes a part of our golden memory.
There are always few film dialogues that we use in our daily life, but don’t have idea about most of the lines, in which movie we have heard that.
Here I a writing few dialogues that will refresh your past and golden memory..!!

1.”Bacche… Kaabil Ban Kaabil, Success Jhak Maar Ke Picchu Aayegi..:P”

Most Common line used in college when we are failing in something.. especially during project work.. 😛


2.”Bhabhi Hai Tumhari..!!”

This one is the most used dialogue ever..!! 😛


3.”Bhabhi Hogi teri Aur Shaadi Hogi Meri..!!”

A khatarnaak reply for above dialogue..!


4.”Bade Bade Colleges Mein Aisi Choti Choti Baatein Hoti Rehti Hai.. :D”

The most funny lines said when something terribly wrong things has happened. 😛

5.”Jis School Mein Tune Yeh Sab Sikha Hai Waha Ka principle Hu Me BC..!”

While someone is trying to Underestimate you, These lines are commonly used.


6.”Apne Baap Ko Mat Sikha..!!”

Trying someone to teach something ?? Then you will have to hear this lines for sure.. !! 😛


7.”Abe Tu Insaan hai Ya Google ??”

This line is used for only those fellows who always can be found in a library.. 😛


8.”Jab 2 Bade Baat kar Rahe Ho Toh bacche Bich Me nahi Bolte..! :P”

Most epic line when we interrupt our friend while he is speaking.


9.”Left Wali Meri , Right Wali Teri.. :P”

Saw beautiful girls ?? The First lines said to decide a girlfriend.!!


10.”Kisne Maara Mere bhai Ko ? Naam Bata BC ?”

Angry lines by your best friend, if you fight with someone and get beaten..


Please share your feedback..!!

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