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Top 10 Hottest Women News Anchors In India

Top 10 Hottest Women News Anchors In India RVCJ Media


Top 10 Hottest Women News Anchors In India

1. Anjana Kashyap

Anjana Kashyap is an Indian journalist & she is reporter & an anchor on “Aaj Tak” news channel


2. Archana Vijaya

Archana Vijaya is an anchor on “V” channel


3. Harishree Mehta

Harishree Mehta is an anchor on “Times Now” 24 hour English news channel

Harishree Mehta

4. Mayanti Langer

Mayanti Langer is an Indian TV sports journalist on “ESPN” sports news channel

Mayanti Langer1

5. Mini Menon

Mini Menon is the executive editor of “Bloomberg TV” India where she leads the news and features shows


6. Mitali Mukherjee

Mitali Mukherjee is a stock analyst & news presenter on “CNBCTV18” news channel

mitali mukherjee

7. Shaili Chopra

Shaili Chopra is an Indian business journalist and Senior Editor & news Anchor on “ET Now” channel


8. Shereen Bhan

Shereen Bhan is an Indian journalist & news anchor and the executive editor of “CNBC TV18” news channel


9. Shweta Singh

Sweta Singh is an Indian journalist & news presenter. She is a news anchor and Editor on “Aaj Tak” news channel


10. Sonia Shenoy

Sonia Shenoy is a financial marketing anchor on “CNBC TV18” news channel

Sonia Shenoy1

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