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Top 10 Indian Reasons For Break Up!!!

Top 10 Indian Reasons For Break Up!!! RVCJ Media


Top 10 Indian Reasons For Break Up!!!

Being in relations can sometimes get tedious, irritating, and problematic for some. Thus, it is rather better to break up from the relation.  Do you know the most popular reasons in India to break up? Read the article below to know this.

Top 10 Indian Reasons To Break Up:

1.Mom dad nahi manenge

Indian teenagers know exactly that their relationship won’t last for too long. Indian parents have never loved dating and they think can find the best someone for you.

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2.Bore ho gaya

Some relations tend to get boring with time. It’s a time to get out of it now. Don’t cling with it to waste your time. You have many other options. The next day you can freely flirt—“Bawa!!! Kya item hai?”


3.Dil tod diya

Indian are just too emotional who get hurt emotionally really soon. So if this has happened with you, just quit and listen to some classic black and white song like- “jab dil hi toth gaya..”, “tadap tadap ke..” to feel ever worse for some day. Eventually you will forget.

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Have you been cheated? Quit the relation!

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5.>Koi aur pasand aa gaya?

There can be someone else in your mind, so just end this relationship before she calls her Bade Bhaiya.

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6.koi pasand nahi karta hai use

Is she so boring or rude that your friends or family aren’t supportive to your relation? Kuch to aisa hoga- that they aren’t supportive to your unhealthy relationship.

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7.Caste difference

Caste and traditions plays an important role with many other things like food, clothing, customs, and finance in India. Thus, if these don’t align shunt the relationship.

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8.Mai Khush nahi hoon!

“Mai tumahare saath kush nahi hun” just speak those words if you have to quit the relation since very long time.

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9.Dil ki suno

Do you often feel uneasy with him/her and keep convincing yourself to be in this relationship? Dil ki suno! Quit it!!

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10.What am I getting out of this?

Is relation se mujhe kya mila? Is this the question in your mind? This shows you aren’t growing together and thus no longer thrive.

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Did I miss something on ending up a relationship? Do leave your ideas below.

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