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Top 10 Sexiest And Most Dangerous Female Bodybuilders!


Top 10 Sexiest And Most Dangerous Female Bodybuilders!

There is an interesting ongoing debate in the world of fitness today on what the ‘perfect’ body image is and what exactly defines a healthy body image. Is it a muscular buffed body or a lean body shape? For a long time in our society, the thin people have always shamed those who were overweight or fat. But what’s more interesting is the fact that prior to 21st century, many cultures and communities considered people with heftier body shape to be the most attractive ones. It was a time when being plump was in trend and you’d be considered rich if you’re carrying more weight. The excess of body mass indicated that one belonged to the upper class and was able to afford good food in larger amounts. However, lately it’s believed that being has dangerous side effects. Some researches say that each person has a different healthy weight and we cannot make generalizations for all the people.

So what do you do to stay fit? You exercise, you hit the gym, you eat healthy. Now that brings us to the topic of bodybuilders. So are bodybuilders healthy people or not? They work out most of the time, whether it’s lifting the weights or working on their cardio. They build up their muscles and endurance, they eat only good food, no junk. They have a strict diet plan, they track their calories consumption everyday. So undoubtedly bodybuilders are the most fit and healthiest individuals on the planet.

When we talk about bodybuilding, we only think about men as it’s their sport, but many of you don’t know that women also have been innovative in this field. It’s not just the men’s department anymore. There are plenty of female bodybuilders in the world who are breaking all the norms, redefining ‘the perfect body image’, they are everything that we could only dream of. But it’s not easy, it’s years of hard work, they worked really hard to achieve their body shape. They exercised vigorously, they went through tough training, followed strict diet regimen, carefully used anabolic steroids, all this to achieve their dream goal.


So let’s take a look at Top 10 Sexiest And Most Dangerous Female Bodybuilders!

1. Cory Everson

She was born in 1958, she is the oldest of all women bodybuilders on this list. This lady had won the title of Ms. Olympia contest from 1984 to 1989. She had won many competitions like IFBB hall of fame, she was inducted in Muscle Beach Venice Body Building Hall of Fame in 2005. The most interesting thing is she was the first ever woman to be nominated for Lifetime fitness awards. After a very successful bodybuilding career, she took up the acting career, she did some cameo roles in movies and TV. She wrote several books on fitness sharing her experiences.

2. Jennifer Broomfield

Right from the beginning Jennifer was very athletic, she told in an interview that everyone in her family has always been muscular. So bodybuilding and weight training was the obvious career choice for her. This red-headed beautiful body builder loves to lift weights, she is an exercise freak, she follows strict diet to stay in shape. She is also a trainer, she loves teaching students very passionately about weight-lifting and bodybuilding.

3. Wendy Lindquist

This gal hails from British Columbia, she was a gymnast and dancer prior to her career in bodybuilding. She now works as a fitness model. Wendy has been competing in bodybuilding competitions since 2001. Don’t fall for her cute face, this 5’3 blond cutie can knock you out of the park.

4. Oksana Grishina

This Russian beauty holds a degree in Physical training and sports. As a kid, Grishina frequently switched schools due to her family frequently changing cities. But her parents made sure she always received a proper gymnastics training. When she was in the university, she competed in many gymnastics competitions. After completing her studies, her biggest recognition came when she received IFBB Pro Card in 2007. Oksana has been competing in bodybuilding competitions since 2004.

5. Sharon Bruneau

Sharon began her career as a fashion model, but the luck wasn’t in her favor. She caught a bad pneumonia, the illness caused her to lose a lot of weight. She started training and weight-lifting workouts to regain her weight. But the modeling agencies rejected her because she had become toned and build. So she took up the career of bodybuilding.

6. Pauline Nordin

Paulin started training when she was only 17 and she competed at the age of 20. She is an amazing bodybuilder and a beautiful fitness model. She was also featured on the cover of many magazines. She also works as a personal trainer, she was also on the Swedish version of American reality show ‘The Biggest Loser’. The winner contestant of the show belonged to her team.

7. Debi Laszewski

This beautiful lady is ranked 3rd best female bodybuilder in the IFBB Pro Women’s Bodybuilding Rankings. She was only 20 years old when she started lifting weights and training in bodybuilding. She took up bodybuilding after being inspired by the physique of Linda Hamilton in The Terminator. She competed first at the age of 24, she finished 2nd in the 2012 Ms. Olympia. She is also a personal trainer and a gymnast.

8. Brooke Holladay

Brooke started competing professionally in the late 2000s, she has won two big competitions in her career. This blue-eyed beautiful bodybuilder was in this industry for a very short amount of time, but she has left a mark. Before her bodybuilding career, she was a dancer and a skilled gymnast.

9. Larissa Reis

When she was a college student, she also modeled part-time, this caught the attention of a supplement company. They asked her to work as a fitness model, then bodybuilding became her passion. In 2007 at IFBB World Championships, she earned her IFBB pro card. She is also an owner of a restaurant ‘Protein House’ located in Las Vegas – Nevada.

10. Jennifer Rish

Before coming into the bodybuilding industry, she was a kick boxer and a gymnast. Jennifer Rish is a beautiful woman who likes to keep herself busy, she does fitness modelling, competes professionally and she also works a nurse.

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