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Top 10 Wealthiest Countries Of The World; See The Rank Of India


Top 10 Wealthiest Countries Of The World; See The Rank Of India

There is no denying the fact that a majority of people will like to live a good life and some of us don’t mind to leave our own country if we get a chance to settle in another nation which is more developed than our country, provided that we get better opportunities over there. You may have noticed that individuals from different Asian countries, such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. want to migrate to United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, and at other places as there they can get a better life for themselves and their families.

While some nations have developed now and they are offering their citizens with high standards of living, few others are striving hard to enter the club of developed nations but there are several countries where the citizens are not even getting basic necessities.

It is kind of obvious that United States of America is the wealthiest country of the world. But do you have any idea which other countries of the world can make it to the top ten wealthiest nations and more importantly, where does our country India stand in this list?

As per the global wealth report 2019 released by Credit Suisse, the total money of the world amounts to $360.6 trillion and USA alone has the 30 percent of the total wealth of the world. This report talks about the net worth or the wealth of a country and it is ascertained by adding all the financial assets and then deducting the debts.

As far as India is concerned, we are at the 6th spot with the total wealth of $12.6 Trillion.

Here is the list of the top 10 wealthiest nations:

#1. United States – Total wealth: $106 trillion

#2. China – Total wealth: $63.8 trillion

#3. Japan – Total wealth: $25 trillion

#4. Germany – Total wealth: $14.7 trillion

#5. United Kingdom – Total wealth: $14.3 trillion

#6. India – Total wealth: $12.6 trillion

#7. Canada – Total wealth: $8.6 trillion

#8. South Korea – Total wealth: $7.3 trillion

#9. Australia – Total wealth: $7.2 trillion

#10. Switzerland – Total wealth: $3.9 trillion

Hope to see India at the top spot!

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