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Top 11 Typical Bollywood Movie Logics That Will Make You Go WTF

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Top 11 Typical Bollywood Movie Logics That Will Make You Go WTF

Bollywood movies uses the most weird and repeated logic in their stories. The drama and plot of a story is fixed and if something is changed in the movie then that would be the actors and dialogues only and everything remains the same.

Even few logics seems failed..!! Here are few examples of most repeated and common logics used in our Bollywood movies..!!

1.If You Want To Make Someone Your Best friend Then There’s No Need To Spend Years, Just Buy Him A Burger, That’s It ! All Done !


2. People Couldn’t See You Until You Heard The Complete Secret They Were Discussing About..!!


3. If You Reach Home After Years, Then Somehow Your Mom Will Recognize Your Presence Without Seeing You, There Might Be A Sensor Or Something In Her Head..! Haha


4. You Cannot See Any Other Doors Except The One In Which The Hero Is Standing.


5. A Fight Is Not Completed Until A “Sabziwala” Totally Gets Ruined And His Stall Gets Destroyed During The Fight..!!


6. If The Hero Punches One Guy Then Other 50 Also Falls Down..!!


7. If You Think You Want To Dance Then Just Start It On The Road Because Everyone You Meet On The Street, Knows All Dance Steps That You Are Going To Do..!!

dance Logic

8. No, The Hero Doesn’t Need to Use A Bulldozer, Just Kick Once And All The Buses Will Start Flying And Will Get Crashed..!


9. Thumbs Up Can Be Seen From 4000 Feet Above In The Sky..!!

Thumbs Up

10. No Matter From Where You Have Taken Your Degree, You Are Still “Chu**ya” Enough To Give Credit Card Instead Of cash At A Stall..!!


11. No Matter How Much Casual, Careless And Flirter You Was During College Days, You Will Still Get A Luxurious House..!!


Guys and Girls, please share your feedback. 😉

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