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Top 11 Ways To Celebrate This New Year’s Eve!!!

Top 11 Ways To Celebrate This New Year's Eve!!! RVCJ Media


Top 11 Ways To Celebrate This New Year’s Eve!!!

 So the new year is right around the corner. 3 days, do we count? If you already have plans for this New Year Eve, congratulations! Those of you as clueless as our previous post, fret not! Here is a list of top 11 ways to spend this New Year’s Eve, in no particular order. Each way is fantastic in its way, read along 🙂

 1. Plan a Trip


And plan it now! Rope in your best friends and make a run to the nearest hill station. December being such a beautiful weather, a trip of a couple of days will be a beautiful way of welcoming the New Year. Plus, starting the year with a mini vacation must be shubhaarambh? 😉



Goa is ALWAYS a right idea. We repeat, ALWAYS. This time, stop visiting the typical Goan spots, and go explore the unknown. Beaches and resorts, and babes. *sigh*

 3. Run a movie marathon


Yes, sometimes cuddling up in your room with your favorite movie/sitcom marathon is just as great. Its time to bring the trilogies and 10 seasons out. Friends, anybody? Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai? This is also perfect for you all of whose exams are still going on. We feel you, people.

 4. Campfire


While the temperatures dip low and chill bones, nobody said no to a warm campfire. With daaroo to give company, hello, 2017 🙂 Plus this is a fantastic way to engage the whole family. From nani to nonu, everybody will be happy 🙂

 5. Go on a date


If you are part of a couple, plan a four-course candle light dinner with your partner.  Love is all we need, agree? Rekindle that spark, let your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse know how much you love them. A little romance never killed anybody. Put those heart glasses on and go get drunk on love.

 6. Take yourself on a date

self five

if you are in the singles community, pamper yourself rotten. Go shopping, invest in that watch you’ve been eyeing for so long. Celebrate the amazing person you are, like they say, “Yes, I am single and you’ve to be pretty damn awesome to change that B-) ”  How long before you are up for point 7? 😉

 7. Read a novel


Yes, simple pleasures mean the world if you are a hopeless romantic bookworm. Bury yourself in a 800 page novel and don’t let anybody disturb you.

PS: We are not responsible if you miss the 12 ‘O clock chime!

 8. Go on a trek


All you adventure souls, go trekking already! Welcome the new year atop the mountain while you’re pumped up with adrenaline.

9. Go to a karaoke bar


Sometimes, the bathroom singer needs an outlet 😉 Find the nicest karaoke bar and go tear ears off. We are not even kidding about this. What better way to welcome the New Year while you scream your lungs off on the mike? 😀

10. Host a sleepover


This is exclusively for all of you having an exam on the First of January 🙁 Call in them retard friends and in the holy name of combined study, throw a slumber party 😉 Extra points for some daaroo, and a lot of chocolates and pastries. Oh and yes, study.

11. Daaroo


If any/all of the above plans fail, well, there’s always alcohol. Because alcohol doesn’t question, alcohol understands. There is always that friend whose parents are conveniently never home 😉 Drink, and stay young! While you do so, be responsible.

You’re welcome 😉

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