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Top Funny Comparisons Of World Cup Teams With Academic Performance..!


Top Funny Comparisons Of World Cup Teams With Academic Performance..!

World Cup fever is everywhere..!! So just thought to see the cricket teams in a different way,
What If we compare these teams with Academic performance..??
It’s Funny… Let’s see…

1.India- An unpredictable student who either tops or fails miserably and has a rich daddy. Even if he fails the mother covers up by saying “Atleast he has better marks than his other classmate called ‘Pakistan’ 😛 “


2.South Africa- A student who tops in Units and Semesters, but fails in the final exams..!!


3.Pakistan- A student who has the potential of being a topper but spends most of his time fighting and even beating other school mates Either blames the teacher, paper quality of the exam paper, or fellow classmate(India) for his non-performance..!!


4.West Indies- A student who was the topper till 5th Grade but currently fails in every exams. Has a tendency of not preparing for the final exams and also leaving midway from the examination hall.


5.New Zealand- A student who always scores a distinction but never tops the class…!!


6.Australia- A student who is always a topper and the biggest bully of the school..!!


7.Sri Lanka- A student who suddenly became a potential topper after 5th grade..!!


8.England- A rare case where the teacher is still a student who has never cleared the final exams…!!


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