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Top Funny Memories Of Siblings!!!

Top Funny Memories Of Siblings.


Top Funny Memories Of Siblings!!!

Siblings are always the best friends for lifetime. They have few small or big fights, but remain the best helpers for all the time! They remain together for all the thick and thin and celebrate all the fun time together. We may get separate after a certain age or reason, but the awesome time spent and funny memories always remain in our heart. Read below the top funny memories of siblings.

1. Forge sign on the report card or diary

Doing a forge sign of your father on the sister/ brother’s report card or diary always gave you some chocolate or gift in return for his pocket money.


2. Smile when the brother got scolding from parents.

You always ran away from their eyesight to giggle when your brother entered the room with his rosy cheeks and damn burnt ego.

giphy (1)

3. Break sibling’s toys.

Brothers always tend to Break the neck of his sister’s doll or throw them away to get some space for his spider man. But, sister won’t leave your toys too!

giphy (3)

4. Tom and Jerry fight

They always fight but stand united together against others. There are also fights when they pull hair, scratch face, but no outsider can dare to say them a word.

giphy (2)

5. Have fun when Parents are out

Siblings love being alone to play music system to the loudest and party with friends.

giphy (4)

6. Show off fake gifts

Many a times we used to show off our expensive watch, books, birthday gifts to our friends. But your sibling knew the truth about the gifts were bought you’re your own savings!

giphy (5)

Hope you still cherish those beautiful memories with your sibling and love them forever!!!

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