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Top Jewelry Trends For 2015

Top Jewelry Trends For 2015 RVCJ Media


Top Jewelry Trends For 2015

Accessories can indeed make or break a look! Isn’t it??? Well, I don’t consider myself a big jewelry junkie but yes, you can call me an attentive fashion follower. Now, whenever I go out, either for shopping or for a casual get together with my buddies, I always think of putting jewelry that can best compliment my outfits.

Coming to the latest jewelry trends, this season surprisingly has a lot to cheer about. The key to feel and look great in jewellery is searching a style which suits individual preferences and then flaunting that style in a fashionable, tasteful way.

Stacked up bracelets/Bangles

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Get ready to stack up or say stock up the hottest of bangles, bracelets and even watches of the season! Don’t be shy to create a twist on your own wrist! Whether you buy them separately or in a set, your wrist and you would love the attention coming all the way.

Long pendant neck strings

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With the rising trends of scarves, snoods and collars, this season’s style statement is all about pendant neck strings. Necklaces are just so vital for a wardrobe and with pendants, these can add style, pops of colors and interest to any outfit.

Floral Rings and earrings

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Floral jewelry seems to pop up everywhere! Be it a floral cocktail ring or flower dangler earrings, these spring time accessories are just perfect to add a light, feminine appeal. With this fun and fashionable style, you can achieve that elegant sparkle you ever wanted.

Bohemian Style Spikes jewelry

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Spike jewellery is hotter than ever this season! Though earlier, spike cuffs and accessories were associated with punk kids, today models and actresses have also joined the new Bohemian style jewellery. For that edgy look, you will love to flaunt spikes inspired necklaces and bracelets.

If you are like me, you might have realized that without jewelry, you are ‘Underdressed’. Follow the above discussed jewelry trends and stay fashionable forever!

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