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Top Programs for Business

Top Programs for Business


Top Programs for Business

Business software is no longer expensive, clumsy systems that require separate servers and specially trained people to maintain and configure them.

Business software is no longer expensive, clumsy systems that require separate servers and specially trained people to maintain and configure them. You can run your business from your smartphone, on the go, or from the road. It’s time to get acquainted with the best software for business, from brand promotion tools to tools for managing your team, time, and your development. You can also find quality software on piratebay.

Google Calendar

Google’s free calendar is very easy to use as an organizer. There is a convenient schedule by day, week, and month, you can set reminders of important things to do and set goals for a certain period, both business and personal.

The app itself gives you tips, like what goal to choose for each day (exercise, learn something new). It is connected to other services and programs for Google business: For example, it uploads maps and pictures of the city where you are going on a business trip. From Gmail, events are automatically added: restaurant reservations, theatre tickets, or plane tickets.

For users of Google Workspace, Google’s subscription service for business, education, and government, Calendar offers a “Find a Time” feature that helps you schedule a time-sensitive event and reserve a free meeting room or lounge. The right sidebar of Calendar displays icons of integrated apps and opens widgets: it’s Keep a notepad, Tasks organizer, Google Maps, and contacts from the phone book. You can add the rest of the apps or tools you need to promote your business manually.

MyScript Calculator

A calculator that always comes in handy if you need to quickly calculate profitability, taxes, expenses, profits, payroll, or discounts. The main advantage is that you can draw the numbers with your finger or stylus as if you were drawing on paper, but the result is saved. With a simple cross-out gesture, you can delete numbers and mathematical signs. The results can be used in other calculations at any time.

The business software is based on revolutionary electronic ink technology. You can write literally as you write on paper without worrying about the clarity of your handwriting – all results will be saved. The calculator recognizes not only basic functions but also exponentiation, extraction, trigonometric functions, and logarithms. It can be useful for schoolchildren and students. Users note that the program is very handy as a quick and easy solution to everyday problems, but a full scientific calculator is no substitute, and errors in the recognition are still not completely excluded.


Trello is a project management tool, but it can be used by one person to schedule meetings, store information, and work on personal and business projects by gathering references in one place. In Trello, you can assign tasks, set goals, set deadlines, and comment on completion. Ideal if your team has employees from different offices or remote performers.

You can work:

  • Online via the web version;
  • In a mobile app for Android and iOs.


  • The basic service is free if you create no more than 10 boards or projects for one team. That’s enough to manage a staff of 10-100 people.
  • Paid access is $10 per month per person.

What to look out for:

  • Trello is connected to a huge number of popular services: Surveymonkey for creating surveys, Gmail and Google Drive, business promotion tool Intercom, social network Twitter, and notes service Evernote. This makes it very easy to work on projects.
  • It is convenient when working remotely: a manager can use a smartphone to see the overall team workload, track progress, ask questions and adjust plans.

Time Doctor

If you don’t keep track of your work time, you’ll never know where it goes. Time Doctor helps you keep track of your team’s working time. It is convenient if your employees are paid by the hour and extremely useful if you feel that your team is under constant time pressure and has no time.

What to watch out for:

  • Mobile app users complain about problems signing up. It’s better to try the desktop version of the business program on the website to start with.
  • Time Doctor allows the manager to monitor when employees are in the office and remotely come to work and when they leave the workplace, what sites they visit, and what they do in general. Be sure to discuss this with your team so that they do not feel that they are being tracked – this business promotion and savings tool can impair productivity and reduce loyalty if used thoughtlessly.

The program’s customizable reports show individual time logs and screenshots. You can see exactly what’s taking up your time so you can improve efficiency, reallocate tasks, or remove distractions.




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