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Top Reasons To Live In A Indian Joint Family

Top Reasons To Live In A Indian Joint Family


Top Reasons To Live In A Indian Joint Family

These days We have a habit to live in nuclear families that consist of only 2-3 members and thus hardly know about the fun of living in joint family.. Read the article to know some top reasons to live in an Indian joint family

1. They will never leave you alone or make you feel bore!

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2. The dinner time is like party every day. The passing of different plates, dishes, etc is so much fun.


3. You will never experience that you don’t have enough clothes in the house. If at all you do, just go and borrow from some cousin whose size fit you. you can wear many varieties as well.


4. Each elder in the house is just like parents – they will always stand to help you in bad times and also keep bombarding with free advice.


5. You will never feel bored at your Vacations. Entire family goes anywhere and it will be already like a vacation with a huge group.


6. Be it you’re sad or happy time, people will always surround you to cheer or share your happy moments.


7. If you have grandparents in the house, you are the most lucky one…..they will make sure that you get all that you wish for….also they will give you some chup-chupke pocket money.


8. In the Wedding time….almost all are from the family and thus everything is so much fun!


9. You will never have to go out to play or find outside company. There is always there in the house with whom you can play.

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