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TRAI Chief Claimed No One Can Harm Him With Aadhaar No. & Shared It; Twitter Traced His Details


TRAI Chief Claimed No One Can Harm Him With Aadhaar No. & Shared It; Twitter Traced His Details

People have always been concerned about their personal data being stolen if they disclose Aadhaar details. However recently RS Sharma, the TRAI chairman, has claimed that Aadhaar doesn’t violate privacy, adding that no one can harm him if he shares his Aadhaar details.

Following this, a netizen challenged him for doing so on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

The user with Twitter handle @kingslyj tweeted,

“We have paid your salary for all these years @rssharma3 please share all your personal data with us.”

In another tweet, he wrote,

“Walk your talk @rssharma3!

Publish your Aadhaar details to the public if you have so much trust in this 13ft wall secured system.”

RS Sharma also took up the challenge and disclosed his Aadhaar no. on Twitter. Here’s what he wrote,

“My Aadhaar number is 7621 7768 2740

Now I give this challenge to you: Show me one concrete example where you can do any harm to me!”

Another user tried to ascertain for any unfavourable outcome and tweeted,

“Sir, please do a press conference or provide some legal assurance that you won’t be bothered if anything illegal happens with your aadhaar.

Lies have been your habits. So there is no ground on why we should trust your tweet.

Then we will show you who we are.

Cc: @iam_anandv”

To this, RS Sharma assured and tweeted,

“Show me friend! I promise that I will take no action against you.”

Soon few Twitterati started making attempts of tracing his data and the micro-blogging site was flooded with responses. People shared whatever information they gathered about him in tweets and here are some of them:








RS Sharma will be relieved from the post of TRAI’s Chairman on August 9 and he may be appointed as the head of the new authority that will be responsible for data protection.

This new authority will be constituted as per the recommendations made by TRAI in the paper written about data protection and privacy.

RS Sharma has been a very vocal supporter of the security setup of UIDAI and he was the first director-general of UIDAI when it came into existence in 2009.

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