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Troller Gave Grammar Gyaan To Twinkle. She Nailed It With An Epic Reply


Troller Gave Grammar Gyaan To Twinkle. She Nailed It With An Epic Reply

Online trolling has become very common these days. Celebs are the major target and something needs to be done soon, so that this bullying stops. No doubt, celebs have become pretty alert in this direction, but still, some more action is needed.

Today, we got to see Twinkle Khanna’s witty side once again. Well, she handled a troller like a boss and social media is loving her straight forward attitude.

This troller tried to give her some Grammar gyaan, but Twinkle, being a writer, knew the perfect reply to the same. first, she took to Twitter to share some piece of advice.

The tweet read, “Something I learned from a scientist today:Each time someone puts a hurdle in your path-thank them,it’s the hurdle that makes you take a leap!”

A troller immediately noticed this tweet of hers and pointed out that it should be “Leart” and not “Learned”. He also reminded Twinkle that she’s a writer.

To this, Twinkle gave him a savage reply. She said;

The tweet read, “Learned and learnt are alternate forms of the past tense and past participle of the verb learn. I hope you learned something today:) Cheers! “

She won hearts of Twitterati with this victorious reply. Check out how they reacted…


Grammar explained beautifully!


Maar dala!

Hats off!

It was surely an awesome reply. What’s your take?

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