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Troller Tried To Mock Karan Johar By Asking If He Has Gender Malfunction. KJo Has The Best Reply

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Troller Tried To Mock Karan Johar By Asking If He Has Gender Malfunction. KJo Has The Best Reply

Arbaaz Khan’s new show Pinch is getting liked by audiences as in this, our favourite celebrities are answering some really harsh questions and trying to make the world understand their opinion. With this show, Arbaaz has started his career in the digital world and the next guest who is appearing on the show is producer-director Karan Johar.

Karan is habitual of asking uncomfortable questions to the celebrity guests who appear on his show Koffee With Karan but this time, he was on the other side and this would have been a completely new experience for him.

In the teaser released by the makers, Karan is shown reading questions asked by the trollers regarding his dressing sense and s*xual choices.

In one of the tweets, a user tried to troll Karan by asking whether he has a gender malfunction.

Here’s what the question read,

“Did you have a gender malfunction?”

In reply, Karan Johar said that there is too much of homophobia going on which is sick to him.

This is what he answered:

“There’s a level of homophobia and that to me is sick.”

According to Karan, he gets amused every morning when he sees the abuses written for him. There are many social media users who do not mind commenting on KJo’s private life and his kids and the filmmaker can be seen saying that when people start saying unpleasant things about his babies, it bothers him as he is very sensitive about them. He also reveals that he won’t let anyone touch his phone as there is too much happening in it.

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In the teaser, Arbaaz is also seen asking Karan whether he is getting the taste of his own medicine. Well, it must be in regard to the tough questions that KJo was asked as this is what he also does to the celebrity guests on Koffee With Karan.

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