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Twinkle Sharma Homicide Case: Where Did Humanity Flee Away?


Twinkle Sharma Homicide Case: Where Did Humanity Flee Away?

Where are we humans heading too? Every day when we read a newspaper or scroll through our social media handles. I can assure you that each day we come across several negative heart-wrenching news. The whole nation was recently mourning over the shocking Ashifa rape case that’s when another cruel deed was thrown at us leaving us to wonder, What is wrong with the Humans?

Twinkle Sharma a two and a half years old little girl from Tappal town in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Twinkle went missing from 31st May police officers assume she was kidnapped from her house. An FIR was also lodged in Tappal police station.

Just after a day, Twinkle’s body was dumped in a dumping ground of her house mutilated and brutally abused. The evil slayer threw acid on the body of the little girl and gouged her eyes out.

After a thorough investigation by the local police, SOG, Surveillance and field unit the two accused Zahid & Aslam were arrested by the Aligarh police on 4th June and were sent to judicial custody.

Police officer’s suspect that Twinkle was kidnapped and murdered due to a personal feud over money. Twinkle’s parents failed to repay the debt of Rs. 10,000 to Zahid and Aslam.

According to the Post-Morten report announced by the Aligarh police rape haven’t been confirmed yet.

Social Media was left furious as soon as the news was flashed. Many celebrities and the netizens came in support of Twinkle wishing to bring a difference:











Why are human beings so impatient these days that they don’t think twice before committing any crime. People like this should be hanged without much ado so that no one has to go through this ever again. We want justice for Twinkle Sharma!

We want to be safe in our own country is it too much to ask?

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