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Twitter Broke Down Over Lionel Messi’s Retirement From Argentina National Team


Twitter Broke Down Over Lionel Messi’s Retirement From Argentina National Team

Lionel Messi, the forward football player of Argentina and Barcelona has announced his retirement, leaving all his fans shocked and upset. This announcement came after Messi missed a penalty shooutout against in Chile in the Copa America final.

Messi said, “For me the national team is over. I’ve done all I can, it hurts not to be a champion.”


This hurt the football fans more as Zlatan Ibrahimović also announced his retirement from the UEFA EURO.

Messi may have won eight La Liga titles and four Champions Leagues with Barcelona but 2008 Olympic gold is his major International achievement. This loss to Chile finally broke Messi in view of the fact that it was the third continuous defeat of Argentina in finals.

Fans of Messi took to Twitter to express their disappointment because Messi’s announcement of retirement came as a rude shock to them and left the fans disheartened.

Here are some of the selected tweets:


Messi should somehow ‘Copa’ with this hard time:

My reaction:

This user got emotional on Messi’s retirement:

The year of exits:

Someone please show Messi a photo of Shahid Afridi……

What a legend he is!

Meanwhile Messi:

Can’t believe it!

Indian mothers be like:

Kids these days I tell you…..

He’s a genius!

None can blame him for the retirement:

Messi doesn’t need a trophy to prove that he’s the greatest:

This is what Messi just needed before announcing retirement:

Ashutosh’s reaction on hearing the news:

Messi after retirement:

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