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Twitter Flooded With Hilarious Memes & Jokes As #DilliKiSardi Trended On Twitter


Twitter Flooded With Hilarious Memes & Jokes As #DilliKiSardi Trended On Twitter

The winters are getting intensified all over North India and the capital of India, New Delhi seems to be affected a lot as 118 years old record has been broken. What’s more problematic is that the temperatures are going down further and this December will be the coldest since 1901.

As per the official of Indian Meteorological Department, Delhi’s temperature may go down by 19.15 by the last day of the year, i.e., December 31. The situation in the hilly regions is more drastic and people are bearing the brunt of chilling winds which are harmful for the health of a person.

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This is the best time to enjoy bonfire or have pakodas with hot tea but one disturbing fact is that there are many people who spend their nights on the road and this type of temperature can be very harmful for them. The government is doing a lot in order to save these people but we citizens should also come forward and help them as per our capability.

Well, the Indian Twitterati has a habit of finding humour in every situation and this time also, they have shown their creativity in their tweets and hashtag #DilliKiSardi trended on the micro-blogging site. Check out some of the selected tweets:












Could you relate to these tweets? How are you spending the winters, especially if you are a North Indian? Share with us.

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