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Twitter Furiously Reacts To Viral Photos Of Tourists Flocking In Huge Numbers In Mussoorie


Twitter Furiously Reacts To Viral Photos Of Tourists Flocking In Huge Numbers In Mussoorie

The coronavirus pandemic not only changed our lives to a great extent but also affected our mental condition in an adverse manner. In the times of the pandemic, majority of us were forced to remain indoors and we missed our regular outings, trips, dining out, etc. as this was the best way to save ourselves for the COVID-19 virus.

Though the situation of the coronavirus pandemic is under control in India now and almost all the states have eased the restrictions, it doesn’t mean that the citizens can be careless and avoid practicing the COVID-19 protocols.

As the temperature is soaring high in the north India, tourists are flocking in huge numbers at the hill stations such as Shimla, Manali, Nainital, etc. Few days ago, some photos from Manali went viral on the Internet and social media networks in which it was seen that a large number of tourists are visiting the city. While practicing social distancing is highly difficult or rather impossible in this scenario, many people were seen even without masks and if they were wearing masks, they didn’t wear it properly. The online users were very annoyed with such irresponsible behaviour of tourists and some of them even said that these people would bring the third wave of COVID-19 in the country.

Now some more photos are getting shared on social media and this time they are from Mussoorie, a hill station in the state of Uttarakhand, and the situation over there is also quite similar to that of Manali.

Here are some pics:




Twitterati once again lost its cool and slammed people for not having patience to sit back at home till the pandemic is completely over.

Check out some of the selected reactions:










This behaviour is certainly not acceptable and people should always keep in mind that even though the number of COVID-19 positive cases is decreasing, the risk of getting infected is always there if the safety guidelines are not followed. In fact, new variants of the virus are also found which are even more dangerous so people need to be more careful and alert.

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