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Twitter Goes Crazy As Someone Asked Idea Of A Perfect Date & These Tweets Will Set Your Mood


Twitter Goes Crazy As Someone Asked Idea Of A Perfect Date & These Tweets Will Set Your Mood

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted our lifestyle in a serious manner and there is no denying the fact that we should embrace these changes instantly if we want to remain safe from the lethal virus. Now wearing a mask has become a necessity whenever we go outside our houses and we also have to maintain social distancing as the virus is contagious in nature.

Earlier, people used go out on weekends and dine out on a regular basis but now individuals prefer not to eat outside. The hotel and hospitality industry has been hit very badly and the same goes for malls and shopping complexes. In the times when people are advised to go out of houses only if very necessary, thinking of going on a date is just like dreaming with open eyes. So in these tough times, couples are managing with video calls and virtual dates as going on a romantic date at the moment is almost impossible. Nevertheless, there is no harm in discussing about the perfect date ideas and that’s what a Twitter user did.

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A netizen with the Twitter handle @MePurplelicious asked everyone about their perfect date ideas and soon the micro-blogging site was flooded with reactions.

Check out the tweet:

Undoubtedly, this topic is quite interesting, especially for the youth, and shortly people shared their ideas of going on a perfect date. While some preferred to have dinner date in romantic surroundings, several others wished to spend time with their love in a casual manner such as having tea at tapri or lying on the ground and counting the stars, etc. and there were few who also shared the experience of their date.

Here are some selected reactions:












What is your idea of a perfect date? Do let us know.

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