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Twitter Has A Hilarious Reaction To Property Ad Of +0.25 BHK Homes In Pune


Twitter Has A Hilarious Reaction To Property Ad Of +0.25 BHK Homes In Pune

Advertising is all about creativity and out of the box thinking but sometimes the advertisers come up with commercials which leave people confused and perplexed.

Brands tend to promote their products on all the available mediums such as print media, electronic media, billboards, social media networks, etc. and they also provide discounts and offers to attract customers. However, a billboard advertisement related to real estate in the city of Pune became the talk of the social media networks after an online user shared the photo of the billboard ad on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

The ad was about introducing +0.25 BHK homes and it also asked the consumers to be a NeoCosmopolitan. People were also quite confused after seeing this new word; while neo means new, cosmopolitan stands for those who are influenced by cultures of other countries.

In his tweet, the online user asked about the 0.25 BHK and NeoCosmopolitan as he wrote, “What size is a 0.25 BHK home? And who is a NeoCosmopolitan?”

Soon Twitterati started reacting and while some tried to have fun at the expense of this ad, few others tried to interpret what this ad might mean.

Here are some of the selected reactions:
















What is your take in regard to +0.25 BHK homes and the term NeoCosmopolitan? Share with us.

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