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Twitter Lit Up With #StopTheWedding Memes After So Many People Got Married In Pandemic


Twitter Lit Up With #StopTheWedding Memes After So Many People Got Married In Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is still not in complete control in India and though the recovery rate is good and the number of COVID-19 cases getting registered every day is also lower than earlier, we still can’t afford to be careless. The Indian government imposed lockdown in the month of March as the number of COVID-19 positive cases was increasing at a very high pace and schools, colleges, cinema halls, gyms, stadiums and all the places where crowd gathering was possible were closed down.

After almost 3 months, the government started unlocking the country and in the present scenario, it has allowed marriages, functions, etc. as well but with some restrictions. While the government has made it clear that wearing mask and maintaining social distancing are compulsory, there is also a restriction on the number of guests who can be invited in marriage ceremony or any other function.

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Soon people starting sharing their photos from the weddings, birthday parties, functions, etc. and it seemed as if there is no fear of the lethal virus because in many cases, people were seen breaching the basic norm of wearing mask. However, an online user got so fed up of these weddings that he started the trend #STOPTHEWEDDING and soon the other online users also expressed their opinion on this matter but in a funny way.

These rib-tickling memes will make you go ROFL:
















If we talk about the situation of the coronavirus pandemic worldwide, more than 1.61 million have lost their lives while in India, over 143 K people have lost their lives.

There is no denying the fact that organizing marriages or other functions in the present times are not at all advisable and if they can’t be postponed, make sure that all the safety precautions are being followed in a proper manner.

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