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Twitter Reacted Wildly On #ModiAtFacebook Comparing Modi With Aamir Khan


Twitter Reacted Wildly On #ModiAtFacebook Comparing Modi With Aamir Khan

The interaction of Indian PM Narendra Modi and Mark Zuckerberg and discussion between them does not need any introduction. At the same time, there is no denying the fact that the world focused at this meeting with extreme attention and kept a close eye on whatever happened at Facebook headquarters during the presence of Modi. What is more, he also gave answers to questions put up by several folks. Speaking of the main point in their interaction, it was the moment when Modi discussed about his mother’s sacrifices which she made for him and burst into tears talking about it.

In the words of Narendra Modi, “I came from a very humble family. It’s hard to imagine that a tea seller has become the leader of the world’s greatest democracy. For that I would like to thank the country. When we were young, to get by, we used to go to our neighbors houses and clean the dishes, fill water. So you can imagine what a mother has to do to raise her children.”

No wonder Twitterians reacted wildly over it and responses in result were mixed:












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