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Twitter Roasts Michael Vaughan For Supporting Rohit Sharma’s Views Over Chennai Pitch


Twitter Roasts Michael Vaughan For Supporting Rohit Sharma’s Views Over Chennai Pitch

The third test match of the ongoing four match test series between India and England will start from February 24 in Ahmedabad and it will be a day and night test match in which pink ball will be used. Presently, the series is leveled at 1-1 with the first test match being won by England and the second one being won by the hosts. Both the test matches were played in Chennai and the former England cricketers were pretty upset with the pitch which was used in the second test match.

While in the first test match, the ball started turning after the second day; in the second test match ball began to turn from the very first delivery. During a press conference, the Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma expressed his opinion on the pitches and he was quite firm while saying that the teams should make full use of the advantage of playing at home.

Rohit Sharma said that both the teams played on the same pitch and in India, pitches are being made in the same manner for years. He adds that no changes have been made in this concern and he thinks that there is no need of making any changes whatsoever. Hitman is quite clear in saying that every team takes the advantage of playing at home and when the Indian squad goes overseas to play, nobody thinks about them so why India should think about others, they should also make the pitches that suits the Indian players.

He further says that he finds it difficult to understand why there is so much discussion on the topic of pitches, people should talk about the game, the players, etc. Rohit also says that if you want to remove the home or away advantage, ask the International Cricket Council (ICC) to make a rule and set standards for the same type of pitches in India and outside India as well.

Here is the video:

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The Indian cricketer got support not just from the Indian cricketers but also from a much unexpected corner. The former England cricketer Michael Vaughan who was quite critical of the Chennai test pitch which was used for second test match also supported Rohit Sharma as he shared the video with caption, “Totally Agree…”.

As soon as Michael Vaughan supported Rohit Sharma, the Indian Twitterati once again trolled him as many are quite sure that the former England cricketer must not have understood what Rohit said, he just read the caption and supported Hitman.

This is how Twitter users reacted:
















The remaining two test matches are quite important for both the teams as India needs to win at least one and draw the other for reaching the finals of the ICC World Test Championship while England needs to win both the test matches for playing the finals.

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