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Twitter Sparks With A Rib-Tickling Meme Fest As BCCI Announces 10 Teams From IPL 2022


Twitter Sparks With A Rib-Tickling Meme Fest As BCCI Announces 10 Teams From IPL 2022

The IPL 2021 is just a few months away but even before it is being played, the IPL 2022 is also trending on all the social media networks. The reason behind every cricket fan talking about the IPL 2022 is that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has announced that two more teams will be added from the tournament which means that there will be total 10 teams instead of eight from the IPL 2022.

It also brings a moment of relief for the existing franchises as they were not in a position of carrying out mega-auction because of the losses that they have incurred due to the coronavirus pandemic.

BCCI has also supported the inclusion of cricket’s T20 format in the 2028 Olympics which will be held in Los Angeles; however it needs some clarifications from the IOC. An official has stated that BCCI will like to protect its autonomy so its legal team is looking into the matter but if cricket is included in the Olympics, it will be great for the game.

BCCI is pretty determined that it will host the T20 World Cup 2021 in India even if the Indian government doesn’t agree to give tax exemption to the richest cricket board of the world. The official says that BCCI has told ICC it will ask the government for tax exemption which is $123 million but if the government refuses, BCCI will get it deducted from its annual revenue which is $390. This means BCCI will earn $267 million.

However, Twitterati went into fun mode after hearing the news that the IPL 2022 will have 10 teams and a majority of people took a hilarious dig at RCB that Virat Kohli led team will have more challenges, more defeat and thus more memes will be made on them. Some people also defended Rohit Sharma led Mumbai Indians, saying that the team will remain unaffected, no matter how many teams are added in the IPL. Check out some of the selected reactions:





















Well, more teams definitely mean more matches, more entertainment and more fun so are you excited for the IPL 2022?

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