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Twitter Stormed With Protest Against Pakistan For Its Brutality In PoK


Twitter Stormed With Protest Against Pakistan For Its Brutality In PoK

From last few days, some reports were floating in the social media which state that residents of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) are expressing their desire to join India as they are very frustrated with Pakistan.

News Channel CNN-IBN has aired a video which shows that people of PoK in huge numbers are agitating against Pakistan government and not only they are demanding freedom from Pakistan but also shouting slogans in support of India. People from Muzaffarabad, Gilgit and Kotli were expressing their anger against Pakistan while in reply Pakistani forces were using their power to shut them down in an atrocious manner.

The situation in PoK is getting worse and Paksitan’s behavior is more responsible for the poor living conditions in PoK. The people are tired of living in such an atmosphere where they are not even provided with basic amenities to live and the youth of PoK has no future as Pakistan government has done nothing in order to generate jobs for them.

Watch the video and you will come to know yourself how bad the conditions really are in PoK:

Twitter flooded with tweets under hashtag #HellInPoK:












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