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Twitter Thread Explains The Scary Story Of A 19 YO Girl Who Got Molested 7 Times In 3 Months


Twitter Thread Explains The Scary Story Of A 19 YO Girl Who Got Molested 7 Times In 3 Months

That our national capital is one of unsafest states in the country, is not hidden from anyone. Daily news in the newspaper and internet are proof that girls living in Delhi are living a life which is nothing short of a nightmare. Se*ual harassments and r*pes with girls in Delhi has become a shamefully regular thing.

While we hear and read about the heartbreaking incidents every day, there’s one more which will make you feel really sad.

A Mumbai based girl has shared what happened with her cousin living in Delhi recently. The girl said that her 19 YO cousin has been living in Delhi for just 3 months and she has been molested 7 times while travelling in DTC buses. When you will read the thread, you will know that’s not the end. Here’s what she wrote-

My 19-year-old cousin sister has been living in Delhi for 3 months, and she has been molested 7 times. If you think it doesn’t get worse, you don’t know Delhi.

She told me of this breed of molesters who travel on route 544 plying from South Ex specifically because that bus carries young girls on their way to college – Kamala Nehru and Gargi. Who regularly and repeatedly do things that makes her eyes sting with tears to even repeat.

She raised an alarm and threw out a guy one time, and he was on the bus again, the very next day. These are not coincidences or one-off incidents. These are sickening individuals who travel on that bus with the sole purpose of harassing young girls trying to get an education.

Harass them to the point that my little sister dashed out of the bus and into incoming traffic than bear any more of it. She lived to tell the tale, but are we waiting for a day when some little girl doesn’t?

@ArvindKejriwal @kgahlot @nitin_gadkari @Manekagandhibjp
Make Route 544 a Ladies route for college girls or if you can’t do that, make it mandatory for that bus to have a uniformed police officer.

#WhyIDidntReport , you ask?
This is me, reporting it. Now, it’s on you to do something about it.

Now that’s really serious and an issue that needs to fixed immediately.

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