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Twitter Trolls Javed Akhtar For Suggesting Use Of ‘HESH’ & ‘SHIM’ As Gender Neutral Words


Twitter Trolls Javed Akhtar For Suggesting Use Of ‘HESH’ & ‘SHIM’ As Gender Neutral Words

Many times we have seen people debating over the matter of using he/she or his/her for the writing or speaking purposes as they feel that the use of he/his is insulting towards the female gender. This has resulted in increasing demand of using she/her for the writing purposes especially and due to this, the veteran Bollywood lyricist-writer Javed Akhtar has come up with two words which are gender neutral so that equal respect is given to both the genders. The two words that are invented by Javed Akhtar are HESH for he/she and SHIM for him/her.

Javed Akhtar took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and wrote, “In any speech article or conversation to give equal respect to both the genders we constantly say and write he / she and Him or her. Why can’t we invent two words like for he/she – HESH and for him/ her – SHIM”.

Soon the tweet went viral and people started reminding the lyricist that there are already “they/them” words in the English language which are gender neutral. Some Twitterati objected by saying that he is identifying only two genders and there are some who are not a part of both these genders while several others troll Javed Akhtar, saying that the old man has lost it.

Here are some selected reactions:
















Do let us know what you think of Javed Akhtar’s invention and whether you agree with him over the two words suggested by him or not.

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