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Twitter User Asks Use Of Divider In School, Replies Are Hilarious & Will Make You Nostalgic


Twitter User Asks Use Of Divider In School, Replies Are Hilarious & Will Make You Nostalgic

School days are certainly the best days of our lives as we not only learn a lot of things but also enjoy some of the most amazing moments with our friends. Among many subjects, there used to be a subject called Geometry which is nothing but a branch of mathematics that deals in angles, sizes, space and dimensions of objects. It is a pretty interesting subject and a mathematician who works in the field of geometry is known as a geometer.

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One thing that each one of us must have remembered is that for studying geometry, we needed a geometry box which was separate from the regular pencil box that we used to carry to our schools. This geometry box comprises of ruler, set squares, sharpener, compass, protractor and divider.

Divider was one item in the geometry box which was not used by many of us and recently, the online users started a discussion over the purpose of divider in the geometry box.

It all started when a Twitter user shared a pic of divider and asked netizens what purpose it is used for:

While some actually tried to give genuine answers, there were many who joked about its usage and tweeted funny stuffs that will make you go ROFL. Check out some of the selected reactions:
















The schools have been closed for around a year now because of the coronavirus pandemic and the kids must be pretty bored sitting at home as they are able to attend classes online but meeting their friends is something that might not have been possible on a daily basis.

Well next time you meet a school going kid who is studying geometry, don’t forget to ask him about the use of divider and if he is not able to tell the correct answer, ask him to get the correct answer from his teacher. By the way, do you know for what purpose a divider is used?

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