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Twitterati Calls Freedom Of Press A Joke After PM Modi Blogged About It Online.


Twitterati Calls Freedom Of Press A Joke After PM Modi Blogged About It Online.

The 2019 Lok Sabha Elections are almost here and it is that time of the year again, when world’s greatest democracy will again be choosing their leader for the next five years. So among fanatic political campaigns and aggressive policies, the popular Indian political parties are trying to battle it out, socially and virtually too.

Twitter has become one of the best micro blogging site, where influencing and propagandist tweets are slowly making their way up to the top, speaking for itself and doing just the right amount of their entitled spread. This is not the freedom of speech you can aspire to have though, when in reality medias are thwarted in the very beginning.

Now, political campaigns have its own way of progression and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi knows just the right amount of it. From adding prefix ‘Chowkidar’ to tagging social influencers, to motivate people to vote, he has done it all.

Recently, he posted a blog in his official Twitter account, titled ‘Institutional Respect And Institutional Contempt- Two Contrasting Approaches’, tried to portray that how the dynastic politics took their own very form of dictatorship only to suppress social institutions, because of which free press and our parliament suffered.

This Tweet along with the attached blog, did not go well with people, who were prompt to reply with prominent casualties from the last five years along with the credible institutions, that suffered. People even pointed out that how dynastic politics has already crept into our ruling party as well.

Journalists like Rohini Singh and Poonam Agarwal also pointed out that free press does not even exists now. They even demanded press conferences instead of virtual blogs.











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