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Twitterati Slams PM Modi For His Remarks On Manmohan Singh! Start #JaahilPM Trend!


Twitterati Slams PM Modi For His Remarks On Manmohan Singh! Start #JaahilPM Trend!

Parliament is considered to be a temple of democracy. Thus, there is a code of conduct prescribed for every single person present in the parliament. However, it seems our PM Narendra Modi has forgotten where he belongs to and what code of conduct he is supposed to follow while inside the parliament.

PM Modi on wednesday, took a dig at his predecessor Dr. Manmohan Singh by making some disgraceful remarks. He said people should learn from Manmohan Singh how to bathe in bathroom wearing a raincoat. His remark was to point out how Manmohan Singh remained unscathed even after all those corruptions took place right under his nose.

The reason kept aside, who was the person referred to kept aside, what should be considered is the fact that a PM speaking in such a disgraceful manner is just a sign of disrespect for the Parliament. After those remarks, there is simply doubt as to why people went on to ask their own PM to prove his educational qualifications. Twitteratis were not going to let go off their PM for making such horrendous remark. Subsequently, #JahilPMModi became the top trend on twitter as people bashed PM Narendra Modi in every possible way. Here is a collection of a few tweets that are just the perfect replies to PM Modi.

Google Knows Everything

Bollywood references never get old

Too hot to handle!

Right on the money!

A few more honest confessions!

The hardest slap for Narendra Modi’s indecency came from Dr. Manmohan Singh himself. Manmohan Singh preferred ignoring the senseless remarks made on him instead of stooping low to reply them. Perfectly exemplies what decency is expected from a PM!

In his pre parliamentary speech last year PM Modi had stated, “In a democracy, discussion and debate should happen in this temple of democracy. Every subject should be discussed in detail. We hope that there will be a positive outcome of this debate that will help the poorest of the poor.”

Either PM Modi has forgotten his own words or he has forgotten how to behave inside a temple. A PM represents a country and pretty surely India doesn’t deserve to be represented in a disgraceful manner. Do let us know whether you feel this was against the code of conduct or it was just another political hype in our comments section below.

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