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UP Bride Called Off Marriage As Groom Failed To Read Hindi Newspaper Without Wearing Glasses


UP Bride Called Off Marriage As Groom Failed To Read Hindi Newspaper Without Wearing Glasses

Marriage is one of the most sacred institutions in which both the bride and the groom as well as their family members are not expected to hide something, especially the things which are quite important for the other people to know, such as education, income, etc.

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Sometimes it’s seen that few facts are hidden before the marriage and they eventually hollow the relationship when revealed later. There are also many who compromise with the situation and make up mind to adjust with the circumstances, thinking it’s their fate.

But the things are slowly changing now and the bride, who was earlier supposed to adjust with husband and in-laws regardless of how they used to treat her and whatever they hid from her, is also speaking her heart out and has got the right to make a choice in regard to the most important decision and event of her life. Remember how a bride called off wedding when her groom was not able to recite the table of 2?

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A similar sort of incident took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Auraiya district where a bride refused to marry the groom as he could not read a Hindi newspaper when she asked him to do so. Well, it’s not that the groom is illiterate or he doesn’t know how to read Hindi but the actual issue is that he has weak eyesight and the bride asked him to read the newspaper without wearing his glasses which he failed to do. If the reports are to be believed, apart from cancelling the wedding, the family of the bride has also lodged a complaint against the groom and his family.

Jamalpur resident Arjun Singh fixed his daughter Archana’s wedding with Shivam hailing from Banshi village. After considering Shivam’s educational qualification and status, Arjun Singh confirmed the marriage for 20th June. As the baaraat arrived, the bride’s side welcomed them and also gifted the groom cash and a motorcycle. They took great care of the baaraatis and arranged for a royal wedding chair for the groom to sit on. However, people from the bride’s side observed that the groom had been wearing spectacles all the time and this made them doubtful of his poor eyesight. When Archana got to know about it, she got shocked and decided to call off the wedding but she also asked Shivam to read the newspaper so that her doubt got cleared.

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As per Arjun Singh, he saw the groom prior to fixing the wedding but he thought that the guy might be wearing glasses just for the style; however when things got clarified at the time of the marriage, he denied marrying Archana with Shivam.

Well, this is certainly bizarre and on the second thought, it appears that the groom’s side is also not wrong here as they didn’t try to hide it and Shivam was wearing the glasses even when Arjun Singh went to meet him before fixing the marriage. Do you think that this reason is enough for calling off the wedding or do you feel that the bride and her family should have contemplated a little before cancelling the marriage as ultimately it will spoil the image of the groom and his family too? Let us know your views in this connection.

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