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Using Smart TV Without The Internet – Is It Possible?

Using Smart TV Without The Internet – Is It Possible? RVCJ Media


Using Smart TV Without The Internet – Is It Possible?

The whole purpose of the smart TV is that it is “smart” and you can use it to access technology for your viewing pleasure. But is this kind of capability really needed? Can you use a smart TV without the internet? Let’s explore

Smart TV without Internet

It works fine without the internet. You can still watch your TV channels with a cable box or antenna, like a regular TV. Even though some internet services like Xfinity internet are recommended to be bought together with TV services for a better user experience, it is still possible to get the TV service separately and still tune in to your favorite TV channels. Along with that, you can also hook up Blu-ray or DVD players, or even speakers.

However, you cannot use the video streaming apps that are built into your smart TV without the internet.

For those who don’t understand, the internet connection allows you to access those apps on your smart TV. The same way you access the apps on your smartphones. You can access countless streaming services on your smart TV with an internet connection such as Netflix, Disney+, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, etc.

Should You Buy Smart TV if there’s no internet connection?

Do you still need a smart TV when you don’t own an internet connection? You don’t have a choice. Because smart TVs are what is available in the market right now. In fact, in 2020, it was found that around 35% of households in the US own a smart TV. This means that one in three TV owners in the US has a smart TV.

Since more and more people are buying smart TVs, manufacturers are working to meet this demand. Moreover, the prices are also dropping and soon

Additional Features?

Smart TVs have more features for you to enjoy than what you would get with a ‘dumb’ TV.

Smart TVs have more HDMI ports than dumb TV. You can connect more devices to your smart TV, such as Blu-ray players, video game devices, cable boxes, etc. If there were limited to no HDMI ports, then you would be constantly disconnecting and reconnecting all these devices. Hence, a smart TV has enough connections for you to not go through that whole ordeal.

Also, smart TV offers better video quality than what you see on dumb TV.


Though you can use smart TV without an internet connection and still enjoy the features it has to offer, there are some concerns.

Smart TV cost. As was already discussed, because of its wide availability, the price of smart TVs is lessening every year and the gap between smart TV and ‘dumb’ TV prices is getting smaller.

Firmware Updates. There is software that is programmed directly into the device, which receives constant updates from the manufacturers over the internet. Updates usually contain new features, bug fixes, etc. If there was no internet, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the new features on your smart TV. In case of bug fixes, you will constantly run into problems in your smart TV which could otherwise be solved through firmware updates.

Account Creation. Also during the setup of your smart TV, you will be asked to create an account and sign in. This allows you to enjoy the features offered by smart TVs as well as receive software updates for improved user experiences.

Conclusion: You Need the Internet for Smart TV

As we have already explained in the article, you need the internet for your smart TV. You will be able to enjoy streaming services on your updated smart TV software programs. In fact, if you are into streaming Netflix, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, etc. then you could ditch the cable TV service and make the best use of your internet connection.

Most smart TVs come with Wi-Fi-enabled features where you can simply connect to your home Wi-Fi network connection by entering your username and password on your smart TV. You don’t need to add any additional wires, you can simply connect to the internet wirelessly. Though if your smart TV doesn’t have the wireless connection feature, you can connect the router to your smart TV with the Ethernet cable.

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