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Vanity Vans Of These Bollywood Celebs Are Like Moving 5 Star Hotel Rooms

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Vanity Vans Of These Bollywood Celebs Are Like Moving 5 Star Hotel Rooms

For the Bollywood celebrities, vanity vans are the homes away from home. These vans are equipped with the latest technology, jaw-dropping interiors, Mediterranean styled washroom, gym, home theatre system and everything you can even think about. Late actor Vinod Khanna was the first Bollywood actor to own a Vanity van otherwise before that; actors use to sit under big umbrellas at the shoot location. The celebs rest in these vans; they meet people, travel, etc. as the vans are a very important part of their professional lives. The Bollywood celebs become very picky and demanding when the question is about their vanity vans. The lives of the Bollywood celebs are public, so they have to be very particular about their public display.

Let us have a look at the magnificent and classy vanity vans of the popular Bollywood celebs

Shah Rukh Khan

His vanity van took 30,000 man hours and a time of two and a half months to finish. The features that his bus has no other bus in the industry has these types of features. His bus has a master bedroom to sleep like a king, contoured wooden roof, a different makeup section with a recliner, workstation, gym, gaming equipment, 52-inch screens, and the key feature it has a is a hydraulic system which can double the floor space by pushing the living space when the bus is standing.

Ajay Devgan

Ajay likes to customize his own things and it is prevalent from the design of his vanity van which is different. As he a very health conscious man the gym section of his van is the most special one. It has all the latest exercise equipment and also his van has an office, bedroom, kitchen and a luxurious washroom of course.

Hrithink Roshan

He is a geek god and has done everything to keep his nose high. His van is equipped with the hi-tech interiors. The whole van has wooden and glass interiors and blue led lights. The mirrors of his makeup section can turn 280 degrees, WOW! It has an office, then a lounge with a 52 inch led screen to relax and then his bedroom with a washroom.

Sonam Kapoor

This Bollywood diva’s style is on a different level and so is her van’s too. It is a perfect place for an in-house party. It has comfortable couches and beige coloured furniture along with that it has a place where Sonam can meet people for meetings.

Salman Khan

He believes living life king size, and this reflects in his vanity van as well. It has an entertainment section, plush bathroom, bedroom, and a very magnificent photograph of himself hung over the bed. It has a meeting area and a portable ramp through which his cars can pick and drop him.

Deepika Padukone

Her vanity van is super luxurious. It has a tinge of her nature and style. The pastel colour interiors are perfectly done to give the van a customized look. Deepika is not very choosy, but she needs essential oils in her van so that she can relax after hectic schedules.

Ranbir Kapoor

He belongs to a family of artist and the love for Bollywood is deep-rooted in his mind and heart. His van might be very simple, but it has retro film posters stuck everywhere. It has a music system, colourful cushions to lift up a gloomy mood. He also loves reading books so you can find novels in his van as well.

Akshay Kumar

His vanity van was made in Bulgaria. It has features like a massage chair, kitchen, dining area, office space, bedroom, etc. When he was shooting for Singh Is Bliing in Romania, and the vanity van which was provided did not suit him at all so then he decided to get a customized one for himself.

Varun Dhawan

His van is all pimped up. His new van has all the features which will give him homely feeling. It has a makeup area, sofa, bedroom, luxurious restroom, etc.

Alia Bhatt

Her van is the type of room every girl dreams about. Colorful interiors with simple designs. It has inspirational quotes stuck everywhere. It is perfect for a young and cute girl like her, isn’t it? All the other stars opt for dark and classic design, but instead, she chose to keep it light and bubbly.

I wonder that the vanity vans of these celebs are more luxurious than our houses. Imagine what their houses might look like from inside.

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