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This Video Of Live “Ghost” Proof Will Not Let You Sleep Tonight


This Video Of Live “Ghost” Proof Will Not Let You Sleep Tonight

Okay so before you start abusing me for ruining the rest of your night, I would like to ask for an apology. It has been said that the best way to bust any paranormal activity around you is to simply use a digital recorder. It can be either a voice recorder or a video recorder.

A video has been surfacing on the Internet which is believed to be shot in a house in IRELAND. The video shows you some of the weird and spooky paranormal activities happening in the kitchen of the house. The lady who was shooting this video was smart enough to realize the presence of a spirit around her and hence she tried to record it so as to have a solid proof. It’s a much watch video.

Wasn’t this video spooky. The movements of such objects at such great speed were indeed very scary. However, if we try to look into the scenario, there might be the possibility of the use of some strong thin strings (high tensile strength – Nylons) attached to various objects. But it’s just the possibility, and it can definitely be the other way around.

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