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Vir Das Slams Celebrities For Posting Videos Of Taking COVID-19 Test & You Might Agree With Him

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Vir Das Slams Celebrities For Posting Videos Of Taking COVID-19 Test & You Might Agree With Him

The coronavirus pandemic adversely affected the whole world as people lost their jobs, businesses got closed down and a huge number of people lost their lives too. The world economy got shattered because of the COVID-19 lockdown which was imposed in almost every country of the world.

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India has also been affected very badly and one of its biggest industries, the Indian film industry has also incurred a huge loss as the cinema halls were shut down, the release of movies got postponed and shooting also came to a halt, etc. However, the good thing is that people are now returning to work and they are also following the safety protocols in order to keep not only themselves but the others also safe. Shooting of the films and serials has started but there are some rules and regulations that everyone has to follow and one of them is the COVID-19 test which a person should undergo if he/she is working with other people so that it can be ascertained that the infection doesn’t spread.

Some time ago, the chirpy actress Preity Zinta posted a video in which she was seen taking a COVID-19 test at her home and now recently, the “Tiger Zinda Hai” star Katrina Kaif also shared a video showing her taking a test for COVID-19.

Celebrities posting videos of undergoing the coronavirus test has not gone well with actor-standup comedian Vir Das. He took to the micro-blogging site Twitter and asked the celebs not to post such videos as the content is not an engaging one and it is not they who are struggling. In fact, it is the medical person who is dressed in the PPE kit who is struggling and carrying out such 30 tests in a day.

Check out what Vir Das tweeted, “Celebrities, please stop posting videos of your covid tests. There’s someone in a full PPE kit one foot away from you who does this 30 times a day, door to door. You’re not the one struggling. Tilting your head back 30 degrees and managing not to sneeze is not engaging content.”

However, when a user supported the celebs by saying that it may inspire their fans to take test, Vir Das said that encouraging fans for taking test is good but it should not be shown as if they have climbed a mountain. It is a just a test that the celebs have taken at their home and it sucks not for them but for the frontline warrior who is completely soaked in sweat.

Do you agree with Vir Das? What is your opinion in this regard?

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