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Viral Video Shows Two Men Holding On To Cup Of Chai When Cops Drag Them, Twitter Says “Turu Lob”


Viral Video Shows Two Men Holding On To Cup Of Chai When Cops Drag Them, Twitter Says “Turu Lob”

Indians are quite passionate about their tea and it won’t be wrong to say that it has a special place in our hearts. Whether it’s elaichi wali chai or adrak wali chai, tea is not just seen as a hot drink but as a stress buster too. It won’t be wrong to say that you can’t take tea out from Indians as it’s not just a beverage but a part of our lives.

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Many people prefer to take tea in the morning and evening but if anyone has a headache, the first thing that he needs is a tea before any other stuff or medicine. This is just one example to quote and there are many other instances in which a cup of tea becomes compulsory for many of us.

Well, we have tried our best to tell you about the love of Indians for tea but if still you feel that we are exaggerating, you need to watch this video which is presently going viral on the social media networks. The clip has been shared by an IPS officer Ankita Sharma and in this video, two men are seen getting arrested by the police but they are not worried or concerned about it, what they both are concerned about is their cup of tea which they are holding in their hands. While the cops drag both the men, they ensure that they hold the cup of tea in a good manner so that it doesn’t spill or get wasted.

The IPS officer captioned the video, ये हम है, ये हमारी चाय है, बाक़ी बाद में देखेंगे (This is us, this is our tea, everything else will be dealt later).

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In another tweet, she talked about the sensitivity of the policemen who are letting both the men carry their cups and drink tea as they may have snatched the cups from them and threw it away.

Her tweet read, “What I liked about the cops is they are not even throwing their cups, and letting them drink, how sensitive”.

Soon the video was outpoured with reactions; while some call them ultimate tea lovers, few called it their Turu Lob for chai whereas several others awarded them with the “Chai Lovers Of The Year” award. You just can’t miss these hilarious reactions:
















What can you do for your chai or to what extent can you go for it? Share with us.

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